Boulder Valley Foot and Ankle clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality care with the most advanced treatments. Our goal at Boulder Valley Foot and Ankle is to educate patients on their condition, review all available treatment options, discuss preventative and long term care, offering both conservative and surgical options. We believe that with 25 plus years of experience we have the knowledge to guide you and if possible avoid surgery. Our practice stands out because we know the importance of keeping our patients mobile so they can be active and on their feet.

Holiday closure: We will be closed Dec 22nd through Jan 1st 2024

Boulder Valley Foot and Ankle is changing this year to focus on in-office care and will no longer be offering hospital operating room surgeries.

After 29 years of performing foot and ankle surgery with excellent outcomes, we can offer consultation on surgical approaches to your condition and provide a referral for the surgery.

We will continue to perform when indicated in-office procedures such as, but not limited to: Removal of skin lesion excisions and small cysts and masses, tendon releases, local skin flaps for skin reconstruction, skin and soft tissue biopsies, and all nail procedures (temporary and permanent removal of total nail and just the nail borders).

2023 POLICES: E-mail is required to make an appointment. Credit card on file required prior to services rendered. Athena portal registration required.

Boulder Valley Foot and Ankle has a new address:
4735 Walnut St Unit C - Boulder, CO 80301
Link to Map - Office on EAST side of building