Starting 3/3/2023:
Prior to any services, we will need your credit card on file.
Prior to your office visit, your medical history must be entered and completed on the portal.


Boulder Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic accepts Medicare and most major insurance plans. We are not contracted with Medicaid. Please contact your insurance company to verify benefits prior to your visit, check to see if a referral is needed, or contact us with any questions. Your insurance may require you to pay a co-payment at the time of your appointment. (This is typically noted on the front or back of your insurance card.)

Following information may change as we are always updating our insurance contracts. If any questions about your particular plan, please give us a call at (303) 443-8900.

Insurance we do NOT accept:
BCBS -CU Exclusive or Exclusive CU
Oscar Health (Cigna)
Friday Health Plan
Rocky Mountain Health Plans
Medicaid and any affiliates i.e. Colorado Access, Healthfirst
United Healthcare : DUAL Complete, Doctors plan, RMHMO, Charter, compass, Navigate
Aetna Medicare Advantage (commercial Aetna is fine)

We do accept out of pocket - Cash pay for services.

Cash pay price list:
Office visits include: Obtaining medical history, review of medical history, addressing chief complaint, foot exam, gait exam (if indicated) discussion on treatment options and formulating a treatment plan.

NEW PATIENT office visits:
15-20 min: $ 151.00
20-30 min: $175.00
40- 50 min: $225.00

Established patients (seen within 3 year time frame) office visits:
5-10 min -- $90.00
10-19 min -- $110.00
20-29 min -- $140.00

Cost for any additional services at the time of your office visit:
Injections: $110 - 135.00 (soft tissue, joints, nerves, tendons,ligaments)
Orthotics: $495.00 (This does not include the office visit for clinical exam and discussion)
Routine foot care: Trimming of corns, calluses, nails: $ 75 - $100
Digital Xrays: Foot Two views: $50.00 -- three views $75.00
Ankle views 3 : $75.00
Temporary removal of one nail : $175.00
Permanent removal of nail corner or total nail: $290.00 2 nails same visit $500.00 3 nails same visit $650.00
Excision of skin lesions $220 - 350.00

Please bring your insurance card and photo ID to your appointment.

Copayments are due at the time of service. The receptionist will collect your copay amount when you check in to the office at the front desk. We cannot bill you for this amount.

Many insurance companies are again requiring referrals from your primary care physician in order to see a specialist. Please familiarize yourself with your insurance company's requirements. Should you have a plan that requires a referral, please be prepared to provide the Referral number, number of visits authorized, and the expiration date of the referral when calling for your appointment. Referrals must be in place prior to scheduling an appointment.

Patient Portal
Prior to your visit, we request that you load your information and medical history on to the patient portal.
This allows us to be more efficient with time in the office, and remain focused on your evaluation and treatment. Information discussed with you at the visit as well as educational information will be posted on the patient portal after your visit for your review. This can be of great benefit to you. f you have any questions regarding our portal please call for assistance.

Routine Diabetic Foot Care and chronic wound care:
- Unfortunately our office no longer provides this service.

Services not billable to insurance:
Orthotic Devices: $495

EPAT (extracorporeal pulse activation therapy), the latest technology on the market today, with the Curamedix Ortho Pulse Ultra machine. Non invasive, no down time, over 80 % patient satisfaction, no anesthesia. Cost for this service is $175 for single treatment.

Amniotic membrane and umbilical cord regenerative matrix Injections:
Our office is excited to offer amniotic injections and grafts. This is not covered by insurance companies. These injections are useful for chronic and acute conditions of the musculoskeletal system. The amniotic grafts are beneficial for wounds. The cost for service is $850.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections:
These injections are helpful for chronic conditions of tendons and ligaments. Cost is $750.00

Due to changes in health care, many medications are not on the formulary. If your insurance should not cover medications we prescribe, and if too costly for you, please let us know as we can find alternatives. We do not do preauthorizations or precertifications for medications.

Infected ingrowing nail treatment PACKAGE: $250.00 – Includes evaluation and nail procedure to address infection.
Chronic ingrowing nail treatment PACKAGE: $370.00 – Includes evaluation, permanent nail procedure and postoperative nail kit.
Wart treatment PACKAGE: $220.00 -Includes evaluation, sharp debridement, chemical cauterization, prescribed home treatment plan.